Margaret Sheppard
Subject Researcher, Mark
Department of English 308 English Philosophy Building Iowa City, Iowa 52242

Margaret Sheppard is the subject researcher for Mark as she curated the University of Iowa Incunabula deck. Margaret is pursuing her PhD in English with an emphasis on book studies and early modern literature. An avid hand papermaker and book artist, Sheppard is interested in the materiality of texts and the production of books as social objects. She also provides ongoing support for the digitization of manuscripts in the William S. Burroughs Archive at Florida State University. Margaret holds an MA in English from Florida State, where she studied the History of Text Technologies. In 2011, she co-founded Peace Paper Project, a portable hand papermaking operation that engages international communities in traditional book arts processes as forms of trauma therapy, empowerment, and resilience. Her work in the book arts has been exhibited internationally and is archived at the Library of Congress and Yale University.