July 2016

  • Amy Chen generates Mark game proposal

October-December 2016

  • Alycia Pringle, School of Library and Information Science graduate student, completes initial research 

February-May 2017

  • First play tests of Mark
  • Adam Hooks signs on to collaborate on the Mark game project

August-December 2017

  • Margaret Sheppard, English graduate student, completes curated set of Mark cards 
  • Revision of Mark to suit more consolidated learning objectives
  • First printing of Mark 

January-March 2018

  • Amy Chen and Adam Hooks' presentation at the Modern Language Association canceled due to weather
  • Amy Chen, Adam Hooks, and Margaret Sheppard record replacement presentation for missed MLA panel
  • Revision of Mark rules

April-August 2018

  • Recruitment of Mark collaborators
  • Michelle Chesner submits a 12 pack of Columbia Hebrew marks
  • Amy Chen prepares poster and talk for MLA 2019

September-December 2018

  • Margaret Sheppard completes Folger cards
  • Robin Katz submits University of California, Riverside cards
  • Amy Chen compiles expanded Mark deck to include UCR and Folger decks

January 2019

  • Amy Chen presents poster and talk for MLA 2019