Mark The Go Fish Game of Early Modern Printers' Marks

Learning Objective

  • Identify common attributes of early modern visual culture as seen through printers' devices


  • High school through graduate school
  • Curricula and conversation determines student level


  • 30 minutes

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Booster Packs

  • File Booster Pack Sources (INCOMPLETE)
  • File Booster Pack: Columbia University, Hebrew, Michelle Chesner, 12 
  • File Booster Pack: University of California-Riverside, 16- 20th century, Robin M. Katz, 10 
  • File Booster Pack: University of Iowa, Incunabula, Margaret Sheppard, 14 
  • File Booster Pack: Mixed, Incunabula, Amy Chen, 52 
  • File Booster Pack: University of Glasgow, Incunabula, Amy Chen, 26 
  • File Booster Pack: Folger Shakespeare Library, Shakespeare, Margaret Sheppard, 12 
  • File Booster Pack: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 15-16th century, Katie Stollenwerk, 12 
  • File Booster Pack: Duke University, Women Printers, Liz Adams, Stephanie Fell, Jessica Janecki, Lauren Reno, 12
  • File Booster Pack: Newberry Library, 16-17th Century Venice, Jill Gage and Suzanne Karr Schmidt, 12
  • File Booster Pack: Morgan Library, 15-16th Century, John McQuillen, 24
  • File Booster Pack: Michigan State University, 15-18th Century Heraldry and Weaponry, Tad Boehmer, 12
  • File Booster Pack: The Ohio State University, Eric Johnson, 13
  • File Booster Pack: Tulane University, Eli Boyne, 12

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