January-April 2018

  • Trina Roberts, the Director of Pentacrest Museums at the University of Iowa, asked Amy Chen, English and Communications Librarian at Iowa, to design a learning game for the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History. Roberts met Chen when Chen promoted Codex Conquest and Mark at the teaching roundtable held during the Against Amnesia: Archives, Evidence, and Social Justice 2017-2018 Obermann Humanities Symposium.  
  • Amy Chen, Trina Roberts, Communications Coordinator Liz Crooks, and undergraduate Biology student Cody Crawford met on March 14 to brainstorm ideas for the prospective game. 
  • Amy Chen developed and pitched two game ideas to Roberts, Crooks, and Crawford on April 26: Laysan Island and Egghead

May-July 2018

  • Cody Crawford received permission to begin working on both Laysan Island and Egghead as a part of National Science Foundation Collections in Support of Biological Research (NSF CSBR) grant. Eventually, he will continue working on the project under museum funding.