Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Egghead?

Egghead is a puzzle game for students in elementary and middle school that teaches not only how to identify male and female birds of the same species as well as their nests and eggs, but also when and how sexual dimorphism appears and the significance habitat has on directing the appearance of nests and eggs. 

How much does Egghead cost?

Egghead is free as an Open Educational Resource. The only cost to you will be downloading the file and printing it. You can choose to print it yourself on a home computer or have a local commercial printer do the job in order to obtain playing card quality puzzle pieces. If you send the game file to a commercial printer, you may need to transform it into a PDF first. 

How was Egghead's logo created?

Egghead's logo was created by simply using the draw shapes option on PowerPoint to create the look of an egg. 

Can I personalize Egghead?

We would love for you to personalize Egghead with your own preferred birds or even other species. Simply take the PowerPoint file and swap out our text and images for yours, keeping the edge colors and patterns the same. If you need help doing this, feel free to contact Cody Crawford at cody-j-crawford [at] for a consultation. 

Who designed Egghead

Amy Chen and Cody Crawford co-designed Egghead. Chen came up with the concept and provided the general graphic design. Crawford imagined how to use the edge colors and patterns to replace the irregular edges found in traditional puzzles.