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Egghead is a free downloadable 30 minute puzzle game for one to four K-3 science students that teaches sexual dimorphism and ecosystem interdependence.

Egghead is supported by the University of Iowa's Libraries and Museum of Natural History, Iowa State University's Biological and Premedical Illustration Program, the Wilson B. Reynolds and Juanita E. Reynolds Fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation and Iowa Audubon, and the Alongside Wildlife Foundation

Get the Game

Download the Cards (PDF icon PDF or File PowerPoint) and the Rules. You can print the cards on a home printer using either file format. If you choose a commercial printer, choose PDF and expect to pay about $30. Ask to print the cards in full color on playing card-quality paper.

Learn More

In Fall 2019, we will collaborate with the University of Iowa College of Education to match the game to Iowa's Next Generation Science Standards. If you want to learn more about the game's development, read our FAQ, Development Timeline, and our Development Notes. If you want to provide feedback, either Evaluate the Game or Review the Game