January-July 2016

  • First prototype is a board game
  • Second prototype is a card game 
  • Codex Conquest iteratively revised due to University of Iowa librarian and graduate student feedback 

August-October 2016

  • University of Iowa Honors First Year Seminar taught using Codex Conquest 
  • Rochester Institute of Technology tested Codex Conquest 

October-December 2016

  • Deckbuilder prototype made and discarded
  • Revision based on RIT & Honors First Year seminar feedback

January-March 2017

  • Serena Sulentic assigns her package design and graphic design classes to create their own versions of Codex Conquest
  • First printing 

April-June 2017

  • Presentation at Iowa Bibliophiles, University of Iowa 
  • Presentation at Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia University 
  • Presentation at Kyle Triplett's Rare Books and Special Collections class, Pratt Institute 
  • Amy Chen and Michelle Chesner interviewed for the Institute of Play
  • Amy Chen interviewed for Rare Book Hub
  • Amy Chen interviewed on Talk of Iowa 
  • Presentation at SHARP at the University of Victoria
  • Second printing 
  • Codex Conquest game loan program begins
  • Michelle Chesner launches the website for Codex Conquest: Jewish Edition

December 2017

  • Content revision based on presentation feedback 
  • Design and content revision to facilitate cheaper printing and more accessible design

January-March 2018

  • Revision of Codex Conquest's main website completed
  • Creation of Human(ities) Games website

January 2019

  • Amy Chen presents poster and talk at MLA 2019